Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bored with my buggies....

Ive gotten bored of the maclarens..... tut tut that didnt take long.
Im back to really wanting another bee plus :(
Have been eyeing up a few buggies lately, too many to choose from.
Icandy apple, I'coo Pico, mama and papa cybex oynx, mama and papa ziko frankie, mama and papa luna orchid, bugaboo bee plus, titi pram and pushchair....... im so spoilt for choice...

Will update when i decide what i want

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lulu Guiness i love you maclaren quest

After buying the cath kidston quest I decided to get the Lulu Guiness too.
I loved the colours.
I'm not as keen on the buggy.
It is the older quest, with the old brakes, old harness buckle and just isn't as nice to be honest.
Ill probably sell on the Lulu Guiness and keep the cath kidston quest.

Cath kidston maclaren Quest

Loved this buggy the moment I seen it.
Its almost a pink red with white spots.
Its a newer model quest with the new brake system harness system and hood.
I have always disliked maclaren buggies but this one appealed to me.
My almost 3yr old fits great in it. She has loads of head room and foot space. The harness has plenty of room for growth too.

My daughter cannot get out of this buggy, I love the new straps. The buckle is circular in shape and you press the front and back simultaneously to open it.
The hood has a new design allowing it to slide onto the frame instead of clipping on. It has a nice pocket on the back too, great for keys and phone etc.

The new brakes mean you have a little button on the centre between the rear wheels, you press one side to put breaks on and the other side to take breaks off. Much better and I like it.

The raincover hasn't changed, you still attach it at the front if the hood. J really wish they'd make a standard raincover that covers and protects the hood too.

I bought the matching Cath kidston footmuff with is so soft inside. It has a lovely red fleece lining. The zip goes all the way around and has two Popper's also. My almost 3yr old fits in with space. Its got lots of leg room and attaches using two tie ons at the top of the footmuff.

All in all the buggy handles well. Its suspension isn't great but its a light stroller and ideal for what I need it for. It manages the bumpy country roads ok. But wouldn't be a one handed push...

Baby jogger city micro

I decided now that my little girl is not so little I needed a pushchair....
I bought the city micro thinking it would be perfect, has a recline, large seat, one handle and big basket.

While it was plenty big enough (my nearly 3yr old had loads of head and foot space)  it was horrible to push.
The handle is rubber and almost causes friction burn while holding it..
The hood is tiny and sun seems to shine right through it.
The wheels are plasticy, and while pushing over uneven terrain it was a struggle and it shook alot.
U realky didn't like anything about the buggy other than the colour and the fold.
It has such a handy fold BUT make sure you clip the fasteners again once you open it as I learned if the child leans forward with enough force the buggy folds :( my own fault but an easy thing to forget when rushing.

Overall I did not like the buggy :(

Micralite toro pram and pushchair

Recently bought a micralite toro (again)  this time I went for the orange colour.
Its a great buggy. So easy to push one handed even on rough terrain with an almost 3yr old

The pram is so easy to attach that I can switch from buggy to pram mode in about 5minutes. Great when I'm minding my niece.
The pram can be attached using the sane adapters as a maxi cosi car seat.

The great thing about the pram is that you can use it as a moses basket too.

Unfortunately my little girl is 3next month and is just a bit big :( so I've moved on to yet another buggy. . . . .

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Quinny zapp xtra

I have been misiing in action for the last while without internet or computer :(
Finally im back and i can fill you in on my buggy adventures lol.
My newest addition is the quinny zapp xtra.
The new zapp features a recline as well as a rearward or forward facing seat.
In the box it comes with, frame, wheels, seat unit, seat adapters, maxi cosi adapters and a raincover.
The fold is now a two piece fold but the extra features make up for this. Its still compact and the seat comes off so easily that i wasnt all that bothered that it folds in two pieces.
Ive links to youtube videos and i'll try get photos up asap.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Going to the ball

Well today I'm off to a charity ball. Its been organised by a group of girls that i chat to on www.magicmum.com
Myself and my friend S decided at the last minute we'd go.
Got my hair done yesterday, quick cut and all over colour. Have my dress picked out and put on the nails last night.
All excited, only a few hours till we hit the road. Staying in Dublin for the night and no doubt i won't know my head from my arse in a few hours.
Will update with photos tomorrow if I'm not too hungover.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

First attempt at making a buggy liner

This was my first attempt to make a buggy liner.
I bought the fabric from Ebay, i found some lovely Micheal Miller fabric and decided thats what i would use.
I had an old toro liner that i was going to re-cover but decided against it.
these are the two pieces of fabric and the old toro liner.

I can't remember the dimensions i used but they were a bit biger than the dimensions on a maclaren stroller.
I sewed the pieces together like a pillowcaes. I sewed two pieces of fleece onto the material as a wadding.
Once i had done all three sides i turned the liner the right way around (pulling all the material through)
Once i had checked for holes i closed the bottom.
Here is how it looked at that stage.

I used two different materials on the one liner to make it reversable.

Once the bugaboo Bee plus arrived i measured up the holes for the harness. I just cut them with a blade and sewed around the edges to keep the material tight.
I also made three holes in the top and these fit snugly over the same buttons that the canopy fits on.

Here is the finished product.

My pram addiction

My little girl isn't even 2 yet and I have had more prams that i can remember. I did take photos of some of them so i will upload a few and write a small bit about each pram.
I didn't know the sex of the baby when i was pregnant, i wanted it left as a surprise. So I bought the prams because i liked them not for colour choice.
I'll do them in a list as it makes it a little easier for me.

Maxi cosi mura 4
I bought this while still pregnant with Caoimhe. It was a fantastic blue. This is one of my favourite prams. It has 4 large air filled wheels great for walking. The seat can face either direction too. It has a great hood and a lovely T bar instead of a bumper bar adding a bit of fun.
Maxi cosi cabrio
I bought this car seat because after alot of research it came out on top. It matched my maxi cosi mura too, it was the same blue colour.
Quinny Buzz
I did like this pram but not the little hard front wheel. I had the 2006 model with larger hood. It was a lovely pram with amazing unfold feature, it unfolded by itself. This also took the maxi cosi cabrio car seat. Mine was a black colour with a slight purple in parts.
Love n Care Europa
This is very similar to the popular Phil and Teds double pram. I prefer this over the phil and teds the hood is much larger and the over feel of the pram was sturdy. It held my son in the rear seat and daughter in the front and i still pushed it one handed! It came with footmuff, double raincover and double seat and was 100euro cheaper then the cheapest Phil and Teds. I would say it was the best double i used.
Mama and Papa Luna
I liked this buggy. It was a lightweight stroller that would be used more in a city centre or shopping center. It was not much use on the country roads where i live. I did enjoy using it though. It has a full handle bar meaning you can push one handed. The downside was the "floating harness" i found this feature to be very dangerous. My daughter could easily lean over while straped into the harness.
Bugaboo Frog
What a gorgeous pram. You can see why they are expensive. The materials in this pram are so lush. When in pram mode its so comfy for baby, then as baby grows you change it into stroller mode. This was a great one to push on the country roads. Suspension was great to.
Micralite Toro
This is another favourite for a child between 6-18 months. Its lovely to push and really light. The recline and fold are so simple on this buggy. It has two large rear air filled wheels with two small plastic front wheels. The handle bar it shaped like a bulls horns. Easy to use single hand or with two.
Mama and papa Pliko pramette P3
I bought this and hated it. It was heavy even without a child in it. The handles felt so flimsy as did the frame. It does have a little step on the back allowing a toddler to jump on board but to be honest i had trouble pushing this with my daughter so didn't try it with my son on too.
Maclarean Quest
I swapped this with a friend for a week or two. It is a lovely stroller but wouldnt be for everyday use unless you lived in a well paved city. It was great in shops, light nippy and narrow. But the wheels have zero suspension and wear down quickly. The harness clip is good, it has an extra button behind the harness so your child cannot open it.
Bebe confort streety
This is one of the buggies i hated!! It is almost impossible to lift up a kurb as its so heavy. The handle bar is dangerous because this is where you fold the buggy. If you twist the handle even slightly the buggy starts to fold. Not good.
Bugaboo Bee 2007
This was my all time favourite buggy until they released the new bee plus.
I loved everything about this. It was small, light, nippy and easy for fold WITH the seat unit on. It has enough suspension to allow me take walks on the country roads with Caoimhe getting jolted everywhere. The hood is huge and covers the baby really well. The seat unit can face either direction and its suitable from birth.

Thats some of them ha ha. These are a few that i had that i don't have photos of.
Quinny zapp in mauve.
Maclarean volo in yellow and blue.
Maclarean twin traveller in navy.
Micralite fastfold in red.
Tuetonia YK2 in navy.
Bebe confort Loola in blue.

Can't think of the others off the top of my head.

I'm using the new Bugaboo bee plus 2010. But that is for a post all on its own.

First Blog post

Welcome to my Blog. This is a first for me so bear with me.

I'm a full time mum with two great kids to keep me entertained. Ríonn is 5 and Caoimhe is 21 months.
Ríonn was diagnosed with ADHD last year after a long wait for doctors and assesments, since then things have gotten better and better.
Caoimhe has Nystagmus and had to get glasses just before Christmas. She looks very cute in them but it's hard keeping them on her.

I spent most of the day at home with Caoimhe while Ríonn goes to school. Have been looking for work but with the current climate there isn't anything available.

I have an addiction to buggies/pushchairs/prams but it dosn't seem to be uncommon as i found a website dedicated to this addiction. www.strollersandprams.com There is a great community of mums and mums to be who are very welcoming and all have the same love of prams.

Once I figure out this whole blog thing I will start to do more with it :)